Why Invest in Incremental Oil and Gas

Portfolio of Producing Assets in onshore USA (Wyoming, California and Colorado)

  • Mixture of commodities produced – oil, gas, natural gas liquids (NGL’s)
  • Expectation of increasing oil and gas production from new project acquisitions
  • IOG owns and operate four oil/gas fields with a long production history
  • Current producing oilfields have a substantial reserve base

Strong Economics

  • Our oil operations have low lifting costs (less than $20/bbl) are very competitive on a global comparison
  • Strong cash flow from these oil and gas fields

In Control of Development

  • Incremental has a 100% working interest in all of its existing oilfields and is the operator of these fields
Potential for Growth through Acquisitions
  • Continuous review of acquisition opportunities within North America
  • Targeting value accretive acquisitions which provide cash flow and upside development potential
  • Focused management team based in the USA with a strong track record of building E&P businesses